747 Captain Kim Sharman, MRAeS -
2017 - Cruises 

11th to 23rd December        Cunard - Canaries                      Cruise Details

2018 - Talks

7th March                           Southampton Roundel of the Spitfire Society     Website
Topic: "The Life of a Cold War Naval Pilot"

18th June                           Cardiff Ladies Luncheon Club     Website
Topic: "The Waterways and Wedgwood"

21st July                            South Hants Historical Aviation Society    Website
Topic: "The Life of a Cold War Naval Pilot"

14th September                 New Forest Aviation Group   Website
Topic: "How the Royal Navy helped to win the Battle of Britain"

25th October                      Bishops Waltham Aviation Group    Website
Topic: "How the Royal Navy inadvertently planned Pearl Harbor" 

26th November                  Air Aces Arun & Chichester    Website

Topic: "A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot" 

2019 - Talks

27th February                    Kennet Friendship Circle    Website
Topic: "The Waterways and Wedgwood"

19th March                         Plymouth Ladies Luncheon Club
Topic: "The Waterways and Wedgwood"

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